That’s not my Neighbor

That's Not My Neighbor is a 2D indie horror simulation game that transports players into the shoes of a doorman in a 1955 apartment building, thrust into a chilling predicament.

That's Not My Neighbor Overview

Launched in February 2024, it transports players into the shoes of a doorman in a 1955 apartment building, thrust into a chilling predicament, and puts a fresh twist on the "job simulator" genre.

The game is the brainchild of solo developer Nacho Sama, whose work, including That's Not My Neighbor, can be found on the platform.

How to play

Game stories

In the game, players face a world ravaged by "doppelgangers"—strange e entities with sinister motives that mimic human actions.
Players act as doormen—the first line of defense against these sinister forces—tasked with identifying and stopping doppelgangers trying to enter the building.


The game revolves around verifying the tenant's identity using multiple methods. From scrutinizing IDs to confirming apartment numbers and even calling to verify arrivals, players must use a variety of strategies to uncover the truth.

As they progress around the building, the player encounters increasingly suspicious characters, with every decision leading to different consequences. Making decisions requires absolute consideration.

All Objects in That's Not My Neighbor

Since neighbors are real people, they can't really murder you. It's possible to mistake neighbors for doppelgängers and unintentionally kill them. They include: Neighbors in FLOOR 1, Neighbors in FLOOR 2, Neighbors in FLOOR 3.

D.D.D in the game stands for the Doppelganger Detection Department.


These doppelgängers are human clones, capable of amazingly imitating humans.


This is an arsenal of weapons to help you fight effectively. They include: The Telephone, Checklists, Security window, Buttons in That's not my neighbor, Folders, Emergency button, and hatch.

That’s not my Neighbor is still in development but has received much praise for its fresh ideas and engaging gameplay, promising an immersive experience for adventure enthusiasts.

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