Retro Bowl College

Retro Bowl College is an American football simulation game that puts players in the role of a college football coach and leads the team to gridiron glory. It combines the pixel-art graphics of classic sports games and college football to bring players the real NFL experience!

About Retro Bowl College

The game was released in September 2023 by New Star Games. It's a fantastic spin-off of Retro Bowl game but introduces a new College football experience.

This football simulation game requires players to manage a team as a head coach and try their best to build a football dynasty and a championship-winning team.

How to play Retro Bowl College - Basic game rules to get started

Are you ready to return to the golden days of gridiron action and take your team to victory? Here are the basic rules that you need to know to experience the game fully!

Play as a head coach

As a simulation game, players can put themselves in the shoes of a football head coach. And that involves many tasks. For example, you have to be responsible for recruiting, managing budgets, training players, and making different decisions related to the team. Whatever you do, the ultimate goal is to bring the team to the championship.

In some cases, you have to deal with media pressure or handle player's morale. That brings an immersive experience of a simulation game.

Hire, train, and manage your football college squad

Recruit talented players in different positions including quarterbacks, running backs, defensive, and wide receivers. Form a fantastic squad and improve their skills so that they can dominate on the field.

Besides, it is important to pay attention to their morals as well as conditions. The college life is full of unpredictable things so try to mentor them and keep them away from distractions. One of the keys to win the game depends on your coaching skills! Can you make them shine and get to the NFL Draft?

Compete on the field

Join the tournament, compete with other teams on the field, call the shots, and try to win the matches. Run, pass, throw, cross the goal line, and get into the end zone to gain as many points as possible.

Control budgets and handle dilemma

Manage your budgets and invest intelligently in upgrades and facilities. This can help your athletes improve their skills.

Build a college football dynasty

The game requires a wide set of skills. Players must have coaching skills, strategic thinking, and gaming skills to create a football legacy.


  • Different teams, conferences, and hot routes
  • Various team customization options
  • Football simulation gameplay
  • A vast array of player moves and playbooks
  • Ability to create custom team rosters
  • College Dynasty mode

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In conclusion, Retro Bowl College brings a new breeze to the American football game with college teams. Play it now online for free and experience an immersive American football experience!

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