Retro Bowl

Retro Bowl is a football simulation game in which players have to build, manage, and lead the team to make a championship victory.

How to play Retro Bowl

If you're familiar with the basic rules of American football, then it's not easy to get to know Retro Bowl game rules.

However, it is still recommended to go through the in-game tutorial to know the game before you proceed further.

In this game, you have to manage a team and do the job of a head coach. Moreover, you also need to take them to the field and join intense matches with the opponents. So in other words, you have to manage your team both on and off the field.

Build and manage your team

To build a great team, you have to recruit talented players, train them, and improve their skills. There's a lot more to that. You have to hire coaches, search for players, and negotiate contracts. That's not easy at all.

Compete against other teams

Join competition and battle against other teams. Pass, run, tackle, and try to score more points than the opponents to win the match. The ultimate goal of the game is to win championships.

So try to master the controls, and learn the rules and strategies of the game.

Manage finances

You need to spend your money on different things. For example, hiring players, upgrading the stadium, improving the player's stats and performance, and more. So keep your eyes on the revenue and expenses.

Each player has its own attribute level. Try to adjust your tactics and maximize players' potential.

Game Features

  • Great combination of both retro and arcade feel
  • Pixel style with old-school graphics
  • Competing in leagues and tournaments
  • Recruiting players and upgrading their skills
  • Leading your team to the NFL championship

Game Controls

Use the mouse or trackpad to navigate.

Use the left mouse button to select.

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