Retro Goal

Retro Goal is a combination of soccer and team management games where players can manage their favorite team, recruit superstars, and shoot for glory.

How to play Retro Goal

Select and manage a soccer team

The game features different teams for the world's league. First, select your desired team.

You will start the game with a basic group of star players. As you progress, you can recruit talented players for key positions including defense, midfield, and attack.

You also need to hire professional staff and hotheads to lead the team to victory.

Managing a team involves different tasks. For example, you must pay attention to their condition and morale, plan strategies and tactics that work for your team, and upgrade players' skills and facilities.

Shoot and score goals

Get ready to show off your skills in the field. Control players, run, pass, dribble, and shoot the ball to score more points than the opponents.

You can upgrade their ability to the maximum potential to reach the championship.

Game Features

  • Retro-style graphics
  • Soccer team management game
  • Different customization options
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