Retro Bowl 3

Retro Bowl 3 is an online American football game that builds upon the success of its predecessors, offering enhanced gameplay, additional options, and modes.

Despite its initially modest 8-bit graphics, reminiscent of Tecmo Bowl, the game has gained fame for its retro style, attracting a dedicated player base.

How to play

As the team manager, your mission is to guide your team to success by exercising full control—from buying and selling players to boosting team spirit. It leans more towards being a simulator than a traditional sports game, adding depth to the player's experience.

With various game modes introduced in this new version, the game stands out as a gem in the realm of American football games.

To navigate the game effectively, players are encouraged to complete the tutorial mode at the beginning. Here, they can learn essential skills such as controlling players, making team adjustments, and engaging in scoring touchdowns during team attacks.

Tips to play Retro Bowl 3:

Tips 1:

Customize every player's name, uniform, and position. Aim for a perfect score to lead your team to victory.

As Super Bowl LVII approaches on February 12th, keep an eye on teams like Patrick Mahomes' Kansas City Chiefs and Jalen Hurts' Philadelphia Eagles.

Tips 2:

Picking your favorite team and adjusting the colors to match using the "Paintbrush" button on the main menu.

When navigating, use a mouse or trackpad and make choices with the Left Mouse Button (LMB).

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