A Small World Cup

A Small World Cup is a tiny and addictive 2D soccer game. Pick a team and try to score on the other team's goal during the World Cup.

How to play

The famous book "Mutilation of a Doll" is combined with football in this game, making it a great experience to play. You can either play for fun or for the world cup. Choose how hard it is, pick a team, and move forward in the tournament. 1v1 play lasts for 30 seconds during the World Cup and is a total mess. To hit the ball correctly while it's moving, you will have to control your rag-roll character.

Check out the Golden Goal mode. One goal is enough to win this mode and move on to the next round of the tournament. Be careful, though, because the other team only needs one goal. Hit the ball with your character to win the game. Can you win a little World Cup?


Pick player - Left click
Drag player - Cursor

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