Soccer Stars

Soccer Stars is an exciting, fast-paced soccer game where you will lead your team into fierce matches and score as many goals as possible to win the championship.

You will participate in a World Cup tournament and face the biggest teams in the world.

How to play

You will choose your team from the six available teams. You can also choose your opponent or let the machine choose it randomly.

The rules of the game are very simple. You have to control your team's players to take the ball and bring it near the opponent's goal to score. The player closest to the ball will automatically follow your command.

Try to run to avoid the attacks of opposing team players. Once in the right position, make a precise shot to shake your opponent's net.

Click or drag the player to set the direction and force of the ball.
In each match, the team that scores more goals will win.

Tips to play

  • Practice a lot to improve your skills
  • Always defend carefully to avoid losing the ball to the opponent
  • Learn your opponent's playing style and strategies to learn lessons

Participate in the game, choose your favorite team, and lead the team to win the prestigious championship cup.

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