Slice Master

Slice Master is an arcade game with an ojective. Tap the knife to slice the fruits and navigate obstacles. Armed with an array of blades, players embark on a fast-paced journey, slicing through fruit and accumulating points.

How to play

Players control a knife, deftly flipping and slicing through a barrage of objects. Each level introduces unique challenges with varying object types, speeds, and obstacles. The primary objective is to achieve the highest score by flawlessly slicing as many objects as possible while avoiding detrimental red ones that deduct points.

From juicy fruits and vegetables that bring bonus points to geometric shapes testing accuracy, players must adapt their slicing techniques.

Beware of obstacles such as bombs and shields that can impede progress, demanding strategic maneuvering to avoid them.


  • Press Play to start the game.
  • Utilize your mouse to aim and click for blade throws.
  • Conquer each level, unlock additional blades, and ascend the leaderboard.
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