Rugby Kicks

Rugby Kicks is an online rugby free kick game where players aim their kicks perfectly to guide the rugby ball into the green area between the posts.

How to play Rugby Kicks game

Your task is to kick the ball through the posts, and the accuracy of your kick is directly correlated to the number of points earned. With a total of 25 kicks spread across 5 different stages, this game offers a super fun and challenging rugby experience in the online gaming world.

Choosing your favorite national team adds a personal touch to the game. Success in this game requires a combination of strength and precision to lead your team to victory.

The key to a successful kick lies in reacting at the right time. Set your direction of fire by acting precisely when the indicator on the horizontal bar lines up between the two green arrows.

Also, control your shot with the vertical stick in the same way. Run, take your shots accurately, and aim to hit the ball right in the middle of the post to maximize your score.

Controls: Space bar


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