Nightmare Kart

Nightmare Kart is a fan-made kart racing game that challenges players to race on bloody gothic roads to become the king of speed in the horror world of Bloodborne.

Game Overview

This horror racing game was released in June 2024 by LWMedia in steam under the original name Bloodborne Kart. The game combines classic aesthetics reminiscent of Playstation 1 games.

Join the game, and you will transform into Gehrman and experience a combination of combat and racing in a kart with a Bloodborne atmosphere and characters.

How to play

The gameplay of the game combines combat racing and attacking opponents. You must race through Gothic landscapes to reach the finish line. In addition, you also participate in boss battles to conquer your biggest enemies.

You must use the control keys to control your vehicle through all terrain. Attacking opponents when necessary or throwing down a health vial to speed up are tips in this game.


The game offers 21 racers to choose from. Each racer has its own unique characteristics.


You will explore 13 racing tracks with different terrains. They also include great modes to explore. In addition, you can participate in multiplayer mode to conquer with friends.

Game Control

  • W key to access
  • Left Shift to Brake/Reverse
  • Spacebar to Drift
  • E key to drop power up
  • Up key to use Power Up
  • Down key to Boost
  • Left key to look left
  • The right key to look right
  • Esc key to Pause

Nightmare Kart brought a breath of fresh air to fans of racing games by injecting humor into the terrifying world of Bloodborne. Enjoy an exciting gaming experience that combines racing and fighting mechanics in this kart game.

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