Mini-Caps: Soccer

Mini-Caps: Soccer is an exciting sports game that combines ragdoll physics and soccer gameplay, where you will participate in fast-paced 1v1 matches with funny characters.

How to play

You can play solo or join friends in 2-player mode. The game offers you more than 20 levels with different difficulties.

The object of the game is to score the ball faster than your opponent. You must control your character to move around the field to hit the ball into the opponent's net. You have to face obstacles like nets sliding around the field or red paddles moving all over the field.

The opponent will steal the ball from you at any time, so be ready to take the ball back from them to have the opportunity to put the ball into the opponent's goal.

Players can use standard balls or choose other balls if desired.


  • WASD to control the character
  • Press B to jump
  • Press V to kick


  • Rooftop
  • 1 P
  • AI 2P

Are you a fan of soccer games? Do you love ragdoll physics games? This is exactly the game for you. What are you waiting for? Join the matches and win.

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