KinitoPET is a horror simulation game starring a cute virtual companion named Kinito. With a fairly simple start, the game quickly becomes dark and scary.

Game Overview

KinitoPET is an indie game developed by troy_en that takes the concept of virtual pets. Game with the appearance of characters such as Kinito, Sam, and Jade. Prepare yourself to start this scary and strange journey.

How to play

You start by raising Kinito, since it is an egg, and look forward to its growth journey. As he grew up, Kinito's personality also began to change in a bad direction.

Abnormalities began to appear. Pets begin to act disturbingly and send cryptic messages, and sinister elements also appear. Please clarify the truth behind those things to protect your own safety.

This psychological horror game starts with a cute egg, but behind it, a terrible truth awaits you. Come join the journey and explore it.

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