Hobo Speedster

Hobo Speedster is an exciting 2D motorbike driving game where your task is to control the bike until it reaches the finish line.

How to play

In the game, you will have to control a motorbike on steep mountain slopes to reach the finish line first.

The game includes many levels with different difficulties and is extremely harsh.

Move carefully and keep your balance. If you fall, you will be eliminated immediately. Collect gold coins, fuel canisters, and many other valuable items on your way. 

As you pass each level, you will receive money and diamonds. Use them to upgrade your car to make it more beautiful. Also, you can buy new cars and unlock racers in the decoration section.

Explore different maps and complete 7 missions perfectly to get rewards. Explore a variety of terrains, such as beaches, snowy hills, deserts, and cities.


  • AD or arrow key - move
  • Space - nitro
  • Click mouse - interact
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