Flappy Football

Flappy Football is an exciting sports game that combines soccer and Flappy Bird gameplay. Score lots of goals to become a champion against opponents around the world.

How to play

The game has simple gameplay similar to Flappy Foot Chinko.

You must control the character to kick the ball up and let it fall so that the ball flies along the route in the correct order. Try not to touch any obstacles or let the ball fall off the court.

Your goal is to get the ball to the finish line to pass the levels quickly. To score high, you must skillfully move the ball to touch the numbers in the fastest order.
The game includes many levels. After each level, the difficulty of the game gradually increases.

Tips to play

  • Practice a lot to understand the ball's flight mechanism.
  • Don't click too fast; keep a steady speed so the ball goes in the right direction.

This soccer game offers a new, exciting challenge for those who love this sport. Participate in matches and score as many goals as possible.

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