Doodle Cricket

Doodle Cricket is the ultimate basketball game where you will control a team against a team of slow snails in the quest for high scores and victory.

So grip your stick, put on your gloves and prepare yourself for a thrilling showdown between a cheering chorus of insects and other creatures.

How to play

Your goal is to swing the club accurately to push the ball as far as possible and score points before time runs out.

To lead your team to victory, you'll need throws that are both timely and accurate. When the ball is coming your way, use your paintball accurately and swing out your pen. The farther the ball flies, the more points you score.

Show off your hitting skills, from classic straight passes to powerful hooks and graceful covers that send the ball soaring towards the touchline. The game is designed specifically for those who are passionate about cricket and want to conquer thrilling and exciting matches that cannot be missed.

Are you ready to step on the field and defeat your opponents?


Use the mouse to control the pen, and left-click to hit the ball.

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