Chess Online Multiplayer

Chess Online Multiplayer is an exciting chess-based sports game. In the game, you will enjoy chess matches with friends or AI opponents.

How to play Chess Online Multiplayer

The game includes many game modes for you to choose from:

Practice against AI

This is where you can practice your chess-playing abilities. This mode is suitable for players of various skill levels.
However, the AI is quite easy to defeat by experienced players. Therefore, they can choose to play chess in 2-player mode to make it more interesting.

Play with friends

You can participate in chess with friends and other players around the world.
Challenge random opponents from around the world to test your skills against diverse play styles.

Upgrade Your Chessboard

Use your earned gold to buy different themed pieces, boards, pointers, etc. The game adds exciting upgrades to enhance your personalization. Unlock as many upgrades as possible to explore the diversity of chess.

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