Boxing Fighter: Super Punch

Boxing Fighter: Super Punch is an exciting boxing game where you will play as a boxer fighting against tons of boxers and their giant bosses. Are you ready to step into the ring and knock them out?

How to play

The game includes many different levels, and your task is to defeat your opponents to win.

The game has simple controls and gameplay. You must attack your opponent using the arrow keys. Types of fighters will appear suddenly and randomly. Try to attack other fighters with as many blows as possible to make the opponent weaken and fall. However, opponents will also attack you back. Don't let them get close to you.

You will have three lives in each game. If you use it all, you will fail. At the end of each game, you will face the strongest boss, and you must punch continuously to defeat it.

Tips to play

Use special moves

You can unlock more moves as you earn coins. Try to collect them all to fight more enemies.

Upgrade your fighter

You can also use coins to upgrade your character, such as by increasing your health, strength, and fighting power to overcome more difficult levels.

Embark on a fierce journey to defeat your opponents with punches in street battles with Boxing Fighter: Super Punch.

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