Toon Cup 2021

Toon Cup 2021 is an annual soccer tournament that invites players to assemble their dream team from beloved Cartoon Network characters. In this action-packed game, teamwork is essential as you guide iconic figures from shows like The Amazing World of Gumball, Ben 10, and The Powerpuff Girls to victory on the soccer field.

How to play

Choose your country and navigate through three challenging games against eight teams to claim the championship. As the coach and leader, you control your trio using the keyboard, orchestrating strategic moves to steal the ball and score goals.

Earn coins with each goal scored, unlocking rewards such as stadiums, new characters, and unique soccer balls. Enhance your players' stats and strengthen your team for a competitive edge.

The excitement extends to Toon Leagues Mode, where you face off against even more teams, aiming for three prestigious trophies. Completing challenges not only adds to your currency but also ensures a continuous stream of gameplay.

Embark on this thrilling soccer journey, join forces with Cartoon Network characters, and strive to emerge as the ultimate winner in the Toon Cup 2021!

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