Super Baseball

Super Baseball is an exciting one-touch baseball game, drawing inspiration from popular titles in the genre. This game challenges players to rise to the occasion and become pro players.

How to play

The game focuses on refining batting skills, requiring players to hone their reflexes to hit the ball at the precise moment for home runs or successful hits.

Engage in a thrilling match as you face off against an opponent pitcher with various crazy effects on their throws. The key is to time your hits accurately and not miss a single ball, as two strikes will bring your game to an end.

Players aim to set the highest score possible, testing their skills and providing ample fun in the process. 

Click once to time the pitch, then click again to swing your bat. Utilize the target helper with a plus to aim precisely. A missed hit results in a strike, while a successful hit earns points. For a perfect hit and a home run, scoring 500 points, time your swing perfectly.


Press left mouse button to play
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