Stickman Beach Volleyball

Stickman Beach Volleyball is an exciting 3D beach volleyball game where you will control the Stickman character to participate in fast-paced volleyball matches to score lots of points.

How to play

To start the game, you need to choose the three game modes you want. Players can also choose their preferred difficulty and score, such as 5, 15, or 15 for each stage.
The game includes simple controls. You need to use the buttons on the screen or the arrow keys to move your stickman to hit the ball.

Make movements like running left and right to catch the ball. Then you need to hit the ball using different movements like setting, cycling, and blocking.
Time in the game is important. Take a reasonable time to launch the shot.

Your goal in the match is to score points by successfully hitting the ball over the net and landing it on your opponent's court.

The unblocked game offers an exciting gaming experience with simple gameplay. Immerse yourself in volleyball matches on the sunny beach and score a lot of points with the stickman.

Game modes

  • Practice
  • Quick match
  • Tournaments


  • WASD or Arrow Keys: Move
  • X: Volley
  • Z: Lob
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