Soccer Skills Euro Cup

Soccer Skills Euro Cup is a thrilling 3D soccer game with fast-paced 11-versus-11 matches, presenting the Euro Cup 2021 edition.

This addictive game provides soccer enthusiasts with an opportunity to choose their favorite national football team, join the European Championship, and aim to defeat all opponents.

How to play

The gameplay involves simple controls: drag your finger or mouse in the desired direction to move, and upon release, kick the ball. The intensity of your drag influences your player's speed and the power of your kicks.

Immerse yourself in the world of football fandom, aspiring to match the skills of renowned players and score goals. The game emphasizes the importance of ball control, offering intuitive controls for both passing and dribbling.

Strategize your lineup to execute your plan, whether focusing on offense or defense, and experience an authentic soccer playground with sincere player gestures and realistic field conditions.


Use your mouse

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