Return Man 2: Zombies

Return Man 2: Zombies is a sports game inspired by the American Football game, adding a spooky Halloween theme.

How to play

In this version, the special thing is that instead of avoiding players, you must evade zombies as you dash through the pitch.

A ball will be thrown towards you, and you must catch it. Then your task is to run to the end zone without being caught by zombies.

The game includes many levels, each with its own stadium and set of characters to challenge you.

Use your special moves and collect power-ups scattered across the field to enhance your chances of success. Can you outrun all the zombies and score a touchdown?


  • I/up arrow: run forward
  • K/down arrow: run backward
  • J/left arrow: run left
  • L/right arrow: run right
  • ASD: use a special move
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