Retro Soccer

Retro Soccer is a fast-paced soccer game that offers an enjoyable throwback to the retro sports era. The game captures the frantic speed of 90s football, where goals come thick and fast, and sliding tackles are made with gusto.

The game provides an action-packed, high-speed form of football that will set your pulse racing. The gameplay mirrors the rapid pace of 90s football, where goals flow abundantly, and tackles are executed with fervor.

How to play

When you dive into this floppy football adventure, you can opt to represent your beloved country. With a range of playing styles, including chip passes and through balls, discover your unique approach and strive to achieve the title of World Champion!

Retro Soccer's control system is simple and intuitive. A tap on an empty pitch sends your player there, and tapping on a player selects them. A tap on a teammate allows a pass, while a long press executes a through ball. A quick swipe gets you a goal shot.

Tapping an opponent starts a defensive tackle. A swipe activates a bone-crushing sliding tackle for more aggression. During a sliding tackle, the screen edges glow yellow, and excessive force may result in a yellow card. Infrequent offsides enhance the soccer experience.


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