Ragdoll Throw Challenge

Ragdoll Throw Challenge is a captivating physics-based game where players control a stickman warrior to defeat opponents with weapons. From bows and arrows to artillery to volleyballs, use anything to take down your opponents.

How to play

Your goal in the game is to grab a weapon and throw it at your enemies strategically to defeat them.

The player must control the character's limbs and body to pick up the weapon, aim accurately, and launch at the perfect time to hit the target.

The levels in the game gradually become more difficult, requiring players to master the controls to win.

There are levels where you will also encounter enemy attacks. Avoid traps to defeat enemies.


When you earn money after each win, you can buy costumes and equipment for the stickman. These include clothes, hats, hands, etc.
Let's help the warrior become stronger and stronger.


The game has a variety of weapons, each with unique characteristics and uses. From bows and arrows and artillery to more unique weapons like volleyballs, players can freely choose from.

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