Puppet Hockey

Puppet Hockey is a dynamic two-player ice hockey game that puts the thrill of the sport at your fingertips. When you use your stick, the goal is to score as many goals as possible against your opponents.

How to play

Representing countries from around the world, teams compete to win the coveted world hockey championship in this exciting sports game. Skating, jumping, and shooting are important actions to master when participating in the game.

Quick reflexes and precise timing are essential to securing the target. Strategize to protect your goal from your opponent's shots while maintaining an offensive stance. Intense 60-second matches culminate in a victory for the team with the highest score.

Performing your jump about three body lengths away from the computer puppet will increase your chances of success.


  • Use the left and right arrows to move
  • Tap the up arrow to jump.
  • Use the "F" key or tap the screen icon to move the puck.
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