Football Legends

Football Legends is a sports game where players can select their favorite soccer team, control the best players, and score more goals than the opponents to win the challenge.

How to play Football Legends

Select a game mode

There 3 game modes including 1 Player, 2 Players, Quick Match. Each mode also has a different option featuring Tournament and Friendly.

Simply select your desired mode.

Select a team

After choosing a game mode, you need to choose your favorite team. There are numerous teams such as Barca, The Reds, Los Ches, and many more. Each team will have 2 players,

Learn the controls and join the match

To control players, you first need to know how to control their movement, how to slide, perform a shot or a super shot. And it takes a little time to become familiar with it.

In every match, your ultimate goal is to score more points than the opponent. Jump, slide, and shoot to get the ball into the opponent team's goal. Besides, players can use special powers like teleporting or fireball to win the game.

So there are different actions required such as passing, sliding, tackling, and shooting.


Player 1:

WAD to move.

S to slide.

V to supershot.

B to shot.

Player 2:

Arrows to move.

Down arrow to slide.

K to supershot.

L to shot.


  • Different game modes
  • Exciting football experience
  • Play as legendary football players
  • Intense battles in tournaments
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