Crazy Tennis

Crazy Tennis is an online sports game where players engage in thrilling matches to outmaneuver their opponents and become the champions of the tournament.
By participating in the game, players can immerse themselves in endless gameplay, honing their skills and striving for mastery.

How to play

Selecting a unique username and avatar that reflect your personality. Once the game begins and you're matched with an opponent, use your mouse to maneuver your player around the court and expertly wield your racket to strike the ball with precision.

The first player to reach 10 points emerges victorious, claiming glory on the virtual tennis court.

Timing is crucial when it comes to hitting the ball, so practice your reflexes to ensure you deliver powerful and accurate shots.

Control characters score points by delivering shots that their opponents cannot return.

Game modes:

  • Computer-controlled opponents
  • Real players

Controls: Use the mouse

Step onto the virtual court and prepare for an unforgettable tennis showdown in Crazy Tennis!

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