Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars is a basketball game where players have a chance to take the role of famous players like LeBron James, and Stephen Curry,... and take part in 1v1 or 2v2 matches or join the tournament to win the NBA champion.

How to play Basketball Stars

Try different game modes

The game offers 3 game modes: 1 Player, 2 Players, and Quick Match. The 1 Player mode also comes with options to play in a Tournament, Random match, and Training.

Dash and shoot hoops

Control the player, defend, dash, dunk, and get the ball to the basket.

Each match lasts 2 minutes. Whichever mode you choose, your ultimate goal is to score as many points as possible. The team with the most points at the end of the match is the winner.

Game Features

  • Various game modes to try
  • Different teams to choose
  • Fantastic graphics and physics
  • Cool basketball gameplay


Player 1:

WASD to move.

B to shoot or perform an action.

S to pump.

V for super-shot

Press D twice to dash.

Player 2:

Arrow keys to move.

L to shoot or perform an action.

Down arrow to pump.

Press the left arrow twice to dash.

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