Axis Football League

Axis Football League is a simulation-style football game in which you can compete in various football matches and leagues.

How to play

Select from 14 teams, which include the San Diego Storm, New England Volunteers, and New York Rockets. Each team specializes in a particular area of football, such as passing, blocking, and rushing, and has a different set of statistics.

Choose from a variety of plays and formations before you play; aim to select a potent formation that will enable your team to score a touchdown! Every play, you are in control of the quarterback and have to decide whether to pass or go for it. If you pass, the next player to receive the ball will be in control of you.


  • More than 400 distinct catches
  • New route-cutting, pivoting, and running motions were added.
  • Massive optimization makes 60 frames per second easily achievable.


  • WASD to control a character
  • Left click to change player
  • Space bar to kick
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