American Football Challenge

American Football Challenge is an exciting Football Game, you are the leader of the football team and your task is to be ready when the midfielder throws the ball to you.

How to play

Your job is to be ready when the quarterback throws the ball to you. Aim for the green zone and kick the ball toward the yellow goal posts. Time your stops carefully so the bar stops at the right time. If you don't, you won't get the most points possible. There are five stages that you can move through. Reach all the goals and become the famous American football player you've always wanted to be!

To catch the ball, move the gloves around.

To move on to the next round, you must catch at least three of the five passes in each round.

As you go further, the rounds get much tougher.

Do it again and again until you reach the end!


  • Kick and/or catch the ball by use the mouse
  • Aim/Interact - Left mouse button
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